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    One for guys who have been married at least 5 years and actually love their wife... What would you do?

    Let's say your wife has been upset with the marriage for over a year, and after not getting anywhere with communicating, even after trying all recommended communication skills by the Gottman institute (honestly they are the best) she moves into another room, and is on a waiting list for a house. She says she wants you to organise marriage counseling as that's the only way she will stay with you because the issues keep going unaddressed and you both know you need external help.

    How long would you go with your wife sleeping in another room, without bothering to get the help your marriage needs?

    Genuine question. Please only give genuine replies.

    5 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 week ago
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    Should you care about what people think of you?? ?

    I can’t even go to the grocery store or anywhere because I’m so afraid of what people think.. I feel like a fish in water full of sharks.. should you care what people think??? I let people’s opinion make my entire life 

    4 AnswersFamily1 week ago
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    Is it bad that I want 5 kids with him?

    I'm really thinking about having 5 kids with my babys father. But my family think I'm dumb for wanting that many kids with him considering we always need a baby sitter or money. Like OK?  Lol Isn't that what family is for? I mean, yeah, he may not pay child support, is living with and driving my car. But, I don't mind! because I can always ask my sister to take me to work or get on the bus. Or, If he doesn't want to help with our kids, I'll get my parents to do it.  Is this bad that I want 5 with him?🤔 my doctor did recommended that I get on Birth control because they said, he, my baby's father doesn't look responsible enough for kids (which made me mad) lol because he is irresponsible - that's why he has me to help him become a better man 😁

    29 AnswersMarriage & Divorce2 weeks ago
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    I believe my boyfriend is going to propose! ?

    His parents flew from Their country, his family has been commenting about weddings to us. His brothers say stuff like “ look do you like this for your wedding “ or “look for your honeymoon” and also his brother was like “ man well this guy wants to to get married, what are you giving him” lol I’m like nothing lol 😆 his niece asked me what style of rings I liked. They’re making it obvious lol my boyfriend told me a few weeks before his parents got here that he can’t tell me but he’s planning for when his parents come and for something else and that I’ll find out soon. But he needs to save as much as he can after that so he might get a second job. My boyfriend has told me to do my nails (since I do my own acrylics at home) So isn’t this so obvious? Lol his parents rarely come and they did this month. His sister is coming next week as well. Idk am I illusional? Lol 

    9 AnswersWeddings1 week ago
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    My estranged sister has died.  Now what things would I best do to show support to my parents (mother especially)?

    Favorite Answer:

    Honey, any death, of a loved one, or one who was not so loved, but whom you knew well, is a loss. Please accept my condolences. Now, about your postings: I think you are putting much too much time and attention into them, and that your energies might be better directed to doing what's needed vis a vis the funeral, your family, and your own personal needs. What we think really doesn't matter as much as all this.

    So, upward and onward, with your life, and good wishes now.

    13 AnswersFamily1 week ago
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    Can you really be too pretty for a dating site?

    I've been told I'm "too pretty to be on here" or "what are you doing on here you're beautiful" on every dating site I go on, wtf does that mean? I am 22 and don't think I'm pretty at all but everyone else thinks just from one pic I am, and even though i get flooded with messages there are always some who don't think I'm real just cos of my looks

    Also people like my profile but when i match back with them they never talk to me?

    27 AnswersSingles & Dating2 weeks ago
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    Which woman should I marry of these three?

    my height 5.9", straight forward nature, age 32, virgin.

    woman-1: height 5" short, nonvirgin, good face, age 29

    woman-2: height 5.3" good, non virgin, face not good, age 29

    woman-3: height 5.1" ~, virgin, face good, age 25 very less.

    35 AnswersSingles & Dating2 weeks ago
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    This girl who like me thinks I’m cute but she has a bf?

    Should I mention her bf in the convo or should I not give a f and jus pull her?

    16 AnswersSingles & Dating1 week ago
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    I'm 40 and still can't find love?

    I am 40 year old female, still a virgin and my whole life - everytime I meet someone it goes wrong. I seem to meet them either online or IRL and i date them/we chat for 2 to 3 months - then something will happen, they have to move away, they find someone else, ghost on me or stop talking too me as much. This has happened again to me recently and i can't take it anymore. WHY cant i even get into the stage of having a relationship with men? They seem to say how much they like me at first and seem into me then SOMETHING ALWAYS HAPPENS!!! Why is everyone else able to have a relationship in their life but for me, it ALWAYS gets ripped away? Im so sad and upset :-(

    17 AnswersSingles & Dating2 weeks ago
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    My sister in law eats meat and I don't want her at my summer get together?

    Favorite Answer:

    Gotta be honest here as a meatatarian myself and the anticipated conversation topics this event seems to have to offer..  if I was SIL I'd be busy that day.  Your plans sound boring, I'd rather go to work.  

    I'm a meatataian and my husband is a pescatarian ...  he will eat food with anyone regardless of their dietary choice and he isn't limited to certain topics that he will talk about.  I'm not a big red meat eater, I mostly have chicken or turkey.  He is a really good cook and he makes dinner every night.  He will make a seafood version and a meat/poultry version of everything he makes.

    I'm an animal lover and have many pets but it's not the only conversation topic I have to offer in life. I also as a host would accommodate all of my guests, not just ones who agree with me, who I like or who eat the same thing I do. Remember for your wedding reception menu, you're feeding a crowd not just yourself. If you pick food many don't like, they won't eat it and that will be a waste of money.

    If you want someone to respect your life choices, you have to offer the same.

    73 AnswersFamily2 weeks ago
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    Mood after affair?

    So it's been a month and a half since I found out my husband had affairs for a month (that I'm aware of). For the first month things were getting better communication was great and we made some real progress on things between us. Things started declining going back to how they were before the discovery of the affairs 2 weeks ago and then he started a new job last week. Which has basically crumbled everything back to the way it was. He doesn't communicate he's in a bad mood all the time he's making assumptions about what I'm going to say. And no matter what I do or say it ends up with him getting a temper even when I'm being cheerful and accommodating to what he wants.

    What does this mean?

    What am I supposed to do? 

    I feel lost.

    11 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 week ago
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    Boyfriend said he wants a prenup do I have a right to be annoyed ? ?

    My boyfriend said if we ever got married he’d want a prenup which is reasonable if it’s just me and him.

     But we want kids which I would be out of work staying at home raising for the most part , if we then break up I get the short straw I don’t have a lot saved because I’ve been sat at home raising and birthing his kids whilst he’s continued working. 

    Do I have a right to be annoyed 

    23 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 week ago
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    How do I tell my brother and his wife that they can't stay here anymore. Its time for them to find a new home?

    Am I being impatient? They are having their home entirely renovated and its taking a long time because the workers there aren't doing a good job. Its been more than 2 months already. In the beginning, he said it would take them only 2 weeks and I had no problem letting my brother stay with me for that much time. But weeks has turned into months. It's gonna be 3 months on April 27. My brother doesn't work and his wife works but she left her job some time ago. They're both kinda useless. They sleep in all day, lay around and eat all the food. His wife does do a lot of work around the house. She babysits my one year old daughter, changes her and cleans the house. She helps my wife a lot but it doesn't make up for them staying here for more than 2 months. I work and pay my own bills and we can't afford more than 3 of us. They also eat a lot of food. His wife drank all the soda that I had bought and he eats a lot. I can't keep taking care of them and my wife is more annoyed than I am. Am I being impatient with them? Or do I have the right to be slightly annoyed. I can't just kick them out in the streets..I don't know what to do.

    12 AnswersMarriage & Divorce2 weeks ago
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    I have a crush on my husband’s friend?

    I am so confused because I want to be with my husband but sometimes my mind tries to convince me I want to be with his brother. I don’t want to leave my husband but I am getting sick of dealing with the obsessive thoughts of his brother, mind you I have OCD as well. Should I tell him? 

    27 AnswersMarriage & Divorce2 weeks ago
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    Are vaccine passports unconstitutional?

    Favorite Answer:

    For now while the leading vaccines are being used on an emergency declaration and not full FDA approval it would be unconstitutional to demand proof of vaccination to enter government buildings, national parks, et al. But this is why the government is trying to pressure private businesses to demand them, because that would be within the Bill of Rights. The hope being that not being able to travel, dine, see movies, etc. would motivate people to get vaccinated. However, once the FDA does approve these vaccines that's when a case could be made for some kind of national vaccine passport. That case would wind its was through the circuit courts and eventually end up at the Supreme Court. What SCOTUS would do with it probably depends on whether we get a packed court in the next year or so. 

    28 AnswersFamily2 weeks ago
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